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Thank you Saanich Voters!
It is my honour to represent you.
If you wish to discuss an issue, contact me!​


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On Monday November 10th, Colin 

participated in an AMA

(Ask Me Anything) on Reddit.  

Click on the image above to read the transcript.

Video:  Colin Plant

Campaign Launch @ Crumsby's Cafe
October 16th

As a local leader, Colin wants to be a "Champion of the Arts" in Saanich and the CRD!  He asked local artists to create signs for his campaign for Saanich Council and the CRD.  He provided the wood and they gave him their time, hard work  and creativity.  

On Wednesday, November 5th CHEK News came out and talked to Colin about the signs.   Click on the video on the right to see the story and 3 of the 9 signs out in Saanich.

Please take the time to check out Colin's responses to Victoria's Pro-Art Alliance survey on the Arts in the CRD.  Click HERE to read his responses. (you'll have to scroll down to Saanich) 

Deer in Saanich are becoming a big challenge for our municipality and our residents want Council to act.  

Click HERE to see what Colin said at recent All-Candidates Meeting in Royal Oak.

Video:  Colin Plant

@Gordon Head Residents Association All-Candidates Meeting Oct 23rd

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Hello. Thank you for visiting my website.

I would like to thank the 14,000+ residents of Saanich who elected me to serve on Saanich Council and to represent Saanich as a CRD Director.  As I said before the election, I am committed to making  Saanich the greatest place in Canada to live!  

Like you, I want to live in a safe, healthy and vibrant community.  As a Saanich Councillor and CRD Director I want to help make Saanich an even better place to live, a better place to raise my children, and an affordable and environmentally sustainable municipality that will be wonderful to live in for future generations.  In short, I want a healthy Saanich!

Please look around my website and if you have any questions, contact me.  If you share my vision, I urge you to connect with me and together we can make it happen!  

What can you do?  Call me, email me!  I will be in touch with you.  It is my job to listen and represent the residents of Saanich.  I take consultation seriously and want to hear from you.