Bernard von Schulmann

Land Use Consultant, Political Commentator and author of the Victoria Vision Blog

"Colin is the first person I have met running for Saanich Council that has a passionate vision that includes trying to be the best community in Canada."

Samuel Godfrey

President, BC NDP Saanich South Association

"I've had the privilege to work closely with Colin Plant over the past year on several non-profit initiatives. I've been continually impressed with his integrity, intelligence and open-mindedness. Colin would bring an abundance of creativity and enthusiasm to the Saanich Chamber. I have no doubt he would listen closely to all opinions and make well-informed decisions with the best interests of all as his foremost concern."

Lana O'Brien

President, BC DramA Educators

"As current president of the Association of BC Drama Educators, it is my pleasure to endorse Colin's application to run for Saanich Municipal council.  Colin is a dedicated professional who is extremely interested in serving his community in the same way he successfully served as president and now as past-president for the drama teachers of BC. I have no doubt he will work very hard to maintain and improve the community of Saanich."

Patrick Ferreira

Former Student 

"As far as trustworthy, honest people go, Colin Plant is at the top of my list. He has an unparalleled skill with group work and leadership, which comes from his experience in directing. He's been a role model of mine for many years, and an excellent friend to boot."

Chelsea Giordano

Director, Ridge Playhouse Society

"I have worked with Colin Plant for the last ten years. He is always fair, considers different perspectives on an issue before making decisions, and is passionate about what he does, no matter the task. He is a hard worker and always follows through with projects or initiatives he starts. Colin is connected to the world through social media, the Saanich School District, Saanich Teachers Association, and the Royal Oak Neighbourhood Association. I am confident he will work hard for Saanich if elected for council. He genuinely cares about his community and serving its members."

Mark Neufeld

Institute of Global Solutions at Claremont Secondary

"Colin Plant is about service. Despite that we come from very different corners of the teaching profession, he has never missed an opportunity to graciously help the young people in our Institute for Global Solutions. As an inaugural speaker at RON Talks, I can also speak to Colin's unique and committed leadership in the community. Despite a very rich and inspirational life as a teacher, he finds time to lead the Royal Oak Community Association searching for more ways to serve. Finally, Colin is a remarkable listener, an often lost attribute of leadership. He absorbs the wisdom that his community has to offer, considers it deeply and when he speaks, when he acts it comes from a place of contemplation and integrity. He will make an outstanding councillor, in... deed."

Susan Stenson

Prime Minister Award for Teaching Excellence Recipient

"I have worked with Colin Plant at Claremont Secondary for many years as a fellow teacher and as a member of the staff committee which Colin chaired. As a leader, Mr. Plant personifies excellence. I have witnessed his innovation as a theatre director, his respect representing staff concerns, and his enterprise co-founding a spectacular fine arts institute and the inspirational Royal Oak Neighbourhood (RON) talks. His passionate resolve is based on integrity, respecting the views of others even if he cannot agree with them. Easily leading by example, Mr. Plant empowers and encourages others to excel. I believe Colin cares so much about community that he will dynamically and resolutely represent Saanich citizens. In fact, I am profoundly excited to endorse Colin’s candidacy as his perspective will keep Saanich strong, his humanity will keep Saanich secure, and his humour will keep Saanich vital. Colin Plant has my vote."

CUPE 2011

Union Local of the District of Saanich Employees 

"Please be advised that on October 1, 2014, CUPE LOCAL 2011 endorsed Colin Plant for Saanich Council."

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Mark Skanks

President, Saanich Teachers Association

"I have known Colin for over a decade: first as a substitute teacher, then soon after as a colleague, and most recently as my daughter's teacher and as a key member of the Saanich Teachers' Association executive. Colin has always been creative, forward-thinking, energetic and focused, and he has already devoted countless hours to the community.  I am happy to endorse his candidacy for Saanich city council because I know he will continue to serve Saanich well."

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Robert Holliston

Victoria Conservatory of Music, Pacific Opera Victoria 

"I have known Colin Plant for very nearly 20 years.  We have worked together in theatre and opera and even collaborated on a Fringe show.  I directed Colin at the Phoenix Theatre and he directed me in the Victoria Shakespeare Festival. We even shared an apartment for a year – but as he met and courted his wife Catherine during that same year I didn’t see a great deal of him.  Since he became a family man, Colin has evolved into a profoundly committed educator and advocate for the arts as part of a fully rounded education.  ​
​The first four qualities I think of of when I think of Colin are:  INTEGRITY (he stands for who and what he believes in); HONESTY (he looks you in the eye and tells you what he really thinks); PROFESSIONALISM (he works hard and zealously and is absolutely reliable); OPEN-MINDEDNESS (he will always listen to others and consider their point of view).  But there is the fifth, most important quality.  As I said at the beginning,  I have known Colin Plant for very nearly 20 years (it’ll be exactly 20 years this September).  And for the entire time we’ve been friends.  And that’s because of TRUST.  You can trust Colin to do the right thing, to tell you the truth, to do the work, to listen to you and to trust you.  And these happen to the be the five qualities I look for in a leader, which Colin Plant happens to have."