• Council needs to be in the community more and I believe the idea of putting a council meeting in the community makes sense.

"I have had the privilege to serve you as a Saanich Councillor and CRD Director the past four years and I'm asking for your support again this election to continue the important work of protecting and enhancing our special rural/urban municipality."

Call to Talk/Ask a question

  • This stretch of road needs to be made safer to allow pedestrians and cyclists to use the road.  By eliminating one lane we could create space for pedestrians and cyclists. This can be done without a massive reinvestment as this section has just been recently paved.
  • Saanich should lobby the province to allow Saanich to set its own default residential road speed of 40km/h and 30km/h on residential roads where there is no centre yellow line.

  • Saanich needs to fund and implement the Active Transportation Strategy adopted earlier this year.  This document will help shape the future of our roads, sidewalks and cycle lanes.

issues I will be CHAMPIONING in this campaign


  • Our recreation centres are one of our greatest assets and if we have a healthy community we all benefit.  Our community associations provide great value to our community by volunteers. Supporting them with inflationary-based increases to their funding is something I support.
  • Increased use of our recreation facilities will improve public health and increase funding to community associations to provide services to residents

Hire a social planner to help Saanich address affordability, community health

  • The new process to allow residents to comment on our Strategic Plan should result in the public helping Council set realistic and attainable goals that will help us get to a bright future together.
  • Saanich should be working with community associations to see one new garden opens per year.​

Safer Streets for Saanich:

  • The need to coordinate responses to social issues has been amplified recently with the Regina Park situation.  Two years ago I tried to convince Saanich to hire a Social Planner and I will work again to see this happen.

  • ​Implement as much as possible of our publicly-created Youth and Older Adult Strategies

Support partnerships with community arts and sports groups to address infrastructure needs

Hold a Council meeting in each Local Area Plan jurisdiction once during a 4-year term

Set realistic targets with public input for our Annual Report

Explore the feasibility of the Road Diet on Quadra Street

  • The future of some recreation and arts infrastructure development in Saanich likely will require community organizations partnering with Saanich to bring projects to fruition.

Follow up on seeing more community gardens as per OCP

Encourage recreation facility use for seniors and youth 

  • Encourage youth participation in shaping our municipality through a Youth Advisory Council comprised of students from Saanich High Schools. Our youth are our future and engaging them earlier in the governance process would be a good investment for our future.

Establish a Youth Advisory Council in Saanich 

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