Colin Plant

​Saanich Councillor /CRD Director

One aspect I believe Saanich can do better is the inclusion of Public Art.  I propose that each year Saanich unveils at least one major piece of Public Art in a different area of Saanich.  I envision working with local artists and partner groups to create, fund and install these pieces of art for current and future generations to enjoy.  Funding for Arts must also be encouraged for all members of the CRD, not just the larger of the region.

Saanich should commit to holding Council Meetings in various locations in Saanich in addition to the meetings at Saanich Municipal Hall.  ​I also commit to being the MOST accessible Councillor in Saanich via electronic communications and using Social Media.

The 18 community associations of Saanich should be held in the highest respect because they represent the various viewpoints of our neighbourhoods.  I believe they should have a small annual funding increase and have a greater say in Saanich governance.

I walk a LOT in Saanich and one of the things that drives me crazy is the amount of garbage I see around certain businesses.  I believe these partners need to be asked to be part of the solution in cleaning up. I​ also want to see garbage and recycling baskets installed on BC Transit stops outside of major hubs.  

To be clear:  I do not support contracting out of Recycling/Garbage collection.

I walk to work every day.  I value the sidewalks/bike lanes and crosswalks in Saanich.  We need more of them and a transparent process so citizens know how to let Saanich know where we need them.  Encouraging people to walk, bike and take transit is something I think Council should do by example.

Here are some of the issues I am passionate about:


Shared Roadways


Call to Talk/Ask a question


Community Associations

Saanich needs a "Made in Saanich" solution.  The current CRD board has failed.  The idea of a distributed system that serves the residents of Saanich is the best approach. I would want the Sewage Treatment Plant for Saanich to be publicly owned and operated.  I support the efforts of the Sewage Treatment Action Group (STAG) and endorse the RITE Plan.

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